CCAN was established to help Irish-based companies enhance their competitive advantage through nano-enabled product innovation.

CCAN (pronounced “see-can”) acts on behalf of companies to help them access expertise and funding from across the Irish materials research ecosystem, so that companies can use and develop the technologies and skills required to drive product innovation.

Please browse the website to learn more or contact us directly for more information on how we can help your company.

CCAN News Highlights

“CCAN is an example for other regions to follow” – EU Commission – click here to read more.

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“The best model in Ireland for companies to collaborate, with universities and each other, in early stage technology development.”Bill Lane, Process Development Director | Analog Devices
“I would recommend any company involved in materials development interact with CCAN to accelerate their development activities.”John O’Donoghue, CEO | EnBIO
“CCAN membership has been invaluable to GenCell in developing our R&D capability and accelerating product development.” Kieran Curran, CEO | GenCell Biosystems
“Without CCAN we would simply not have been able to launch the PebaSlide product range. The CCAN model is unique and powerful.” Henrik Bjoerk, Co-founder | Innovative Polymer Compounds Ltd. (IPC)


CCAN is an industry-led, collaborative, applied research
centre enabling its member companies and
research providers to work together to
develop nanotechnology enabled
products and solutions for the
ICT and biomedical industries.

Benefits of CCAN membership as rated by our members

  • Access to combined expertise
  • Leverage core funding for technology development
  • Develop networks and relationships
  • Secure additional external funding (outside centre)
  • Influence protection of IP


  • Nanostructured scaffolds for enhanced cell attachment
  • Power delivery modules for wireless sensor enabled bio-monitoring
  • Integrated light source for heat assisted magnetic recording
  • Nano electronic interconnects
  • Nanoparticle based in vivo diagnostics and/ or drug delivery

CCAN operates an industry-designed IP framework

which protects members’ background IP, rewards
project sponsors for their contributions to
projects and gives centre members
early visibility and first options
(including exclusivity) on
any IP generated.

CCAN Projects


Low Loss Nanocrystalline Magnetic Material for High Efficiency Power Supplies. Read more


Novel Piezoelectric MEMS based Nebulizer Technologies. Read more


Real time physical characterisation of nanoparticles in complex fluids. Read more


Microneedle-based interstitial fluid glucose sensors. Read more


Nanoporous electrochemical sensors. Read more


ALD/CVD of interconnect materials at 300mm wafer scale. Read more


Disruptive interconnect barrier technologies. Read more


A feasibility study on MEMS resonator technology based on nanostructured AlN. Read more


Nano-additives for Low Friction Medical Grade Polymers. Read more


Control of nanoparticle deposition patterns from solutions. Read more


Selective incorporation of nanoparticles in medical grade polymers. Read more


Nanocoatings for controlled cell attachment and microfludics in diagnostics applications. Read more


Nanoporous gold as a support for catalytic and biosensor applications. Read more


Energy harvesting modules for wireless sensor systems. Read more


Nanostructured scaffolds for enhanced cell attachment. Read more


Nanoparticle based in vivo diagnostics and/or drug delivery. Read more


An integrated genetic analysis system for point of care molecular diagnostic. Read more

NanoEi (Interconnect)

Nano Electronic Interconnects. Atomic layer deposition of diffusion barrier layers for nanoelectronic copper interconnects. Read more


Integrated Light Source for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording. Read more

Other Nanotech News

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